Bathroom Chumps

Yesterday my friend Shama requested a post about Luna the kitty or bowel movements.  So I decided to write a post about bathroom etiquette.  Here are weird activities I’ve noticed at office bathrooms that should not happen.

Answering your phone – Don’t answer your phone in the bathroom.  The person on the other end of the call doesn’t want to hear bathroom noises and people in the bathroom don’t want to hear your conversation.
Phone sound effects – Sure your phone’s default is to make a noise very time you press a key.  But do you need it?  All those noises disturb people in the bathroom.  Put your phone on silent.
Whistling –  Same idea as above, people don’t need to hear you whistle in the bathroom.
Multitasking – We are all in a rush, but you don’t need to brush your teeth while you use a urinal.  It’s just weird.
Open your pants at the urinal – This seems to be a new fad.  Don’t undo your belt and pants at the urinal.  Nobody wants to see your butt and undies.  Your pants have a fly, use it, you aren’t 4 years old.


Good luck,