Boarding a Plane

Boarding a plane is such a weird experience.  I was recently on a flight just noticing the mayhem going on.  In the end it all works out, but it is so odd.  People congregate around boarding lines regardless of whether they are to board first or last.  Some people randomly stand between the plane and other people (I guess “cutting”, but there is no real line) when they are in the last zone to board. But the weirdest part of boarding is the “pre-boarding.”

Pre-boarding is meant for the elderly, those with disabilities, people with tiny kids, and generally people that need more time to board the plane.  When they called pre-boarding on my flight, a blind man got on line.  That makes sense, that’s a disability.  A very elderly man shuffled to get on line.  I completely understand him being on that line too.  A middle aged lady got on the line, and while it’s not obvious why she needs to pre-board I accept it because even if you appear in good shape it is hard to do certain things as you get older.  A lady holding a tiny child was next on line, and it has to be damn hard to get on a plane with a baby in your arms.  Then two ladies with a teenage girl got on the plane.  They seemed healthy enough, no good reason I could see for them getting on that line.  Next on line was two guys about my age who appeared nimble, too nimble.  I cannot imagine what would cause them to need to pre-board.

I don’t buy that all those people need to pre-board.  I am making huge presumptions, but some of those people that got on line did not look like they needed extra time to board the plane.  When we landed, they announced that people who need extra time to get off the plane should let other passengers off first.  Surprisingly, the two ladies with the teenage girl and the two nimble guys got off with everyone else.  I guess they needed extra time to board but not to get off the plane?

I want to do an experiment and just get on that line.  See what happens.  I have a gimpy knee and sometimes sore back.

Good Luck,